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Now the glimpse of luxury projects and features being built abroad is also visible in the projects of Jaipur. Major builders of Jaipur are building homes with state-of-the-art amenities along with top quality construction. Icarus Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. has also created one such unique villa project named Icarus Dev Vihan Villa. Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is a very unique project with ultra modern facilities. Only 30 villas have been built in this project with a huge area of ​​12000 square meters. Due to which there is a lot of open area in this project. The features found in this villa project are capable of competing with any international project.

Location - The location of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas has been chosen for the convenience of multiple access, it is located on Bhankrota Sirsi Link Road. Icarus Dev Vihan Villas can be reached from Bhankrota crossroads on Ajmer Road, on Sirsi Road from the road located near Royal Greens Apartments and from Vaishali Nagar via Gandhi Path West.

Single gated entry and 24 hours security - Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a huge entry gate of 150 feet, which makes one feel the enormity of the project. It has been installed which makes the entrance even more beautiful. Being a single gated society, it is completely safe.

Common Park - Icarus Dev Vihan Villas has a huge area of ​​25000 sq. ft. reserved for the park, which is much bigger as compared to 30 villas and offers a vastly open area. Temples, games for children, walkways etc. facilities are being developed inside the park.

Size of the Villa - Each villa at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has been constructed as per the design of overseas big bungalows in 110 yards, 2700 square feet in Lower Ground Floor, Upper Ground Floor, First Floor. Each villa is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as a personal swimming pool, personal garden, home theatre, robotic sliding roof, formal and informal drawing rooms. This villa has three bedrooms with attached toilet and balcony. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet as well as a common washroom.

Swimming Pool - Each villa of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a 16*9 swimming pool. Glass mosaic tiles have been used in this swimming pool and a waterfall has also been made. Every swimming pool is equipped with a self-cleaning plant of Atech company imported from America which is eco-friendly. Waterproofing has been done from material of Saint-Gobain (French company) with double RCC to avoid moisture.

Personal Home Theater - Each villa of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a personal home theater of 21'-3'*15'-3' feet. The carpet for home theater flooring is specially imported from Thailand. This home theater is completely soundproof, and can also be used as loud music, party hall. There is a comfortable recliner sofa for comfortable sitting. For the first time in India, Projector has been replaced with 75" LED interactive panel and the same has been provided in the home theater of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa, which can be used for children's studies, conferences, presentations, movies, OTT programs etc. could.

Robotic Retractable Sliding Roof - The Informal Drawing Room at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa comes with a double height open roof with a robotic retractable sliding roof. It is a robotic sliding roof that can be opened or closed with a flip of a button. The motor of this sliding roof has been imported from the Italian company Dietec.

Personal Garden - Each villa has a personal garden of 12'-3'* 7'-9' feet which is connected to the formal drawing room and swimming pool.

Construction Material - Every product at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is fitted with top brands. Flooring includes large size AGL glazed vitrified flooring, RR cable for wiring, all electrical switches are Philips. All doors and frames are made of wood with PU Polished and exquisitely made, door locks have been installed by Yale Sweden and the main door is fitted with a modern fingerprint opening locking system. In each bedroom, the wooden flooring of Egger Company of Germany has been used, which makes every bedroom luxury and comfortable. The stairs and balcony railings are made of stainless steel railing with glass which makes the villa even more beautiful. The entire villa is covered with a false ceiling. LED Lights have been given which gives a better light and soothing look in the work consumption of electricity. Light and air have been taken care of throughout the villa and all the rooms have been provided with large windows and ventilation. Each washroom has fittings from Grohe Germany and Deuravit Germany along with oversized tiles on the wall giving the washroom a very premium look. For the convenience of the ladies, the high gloss fully modular kitchens in each villa have been built with hardware from Germany based company Moda which enhances the cooking experience in the kitchen. Keeping in mind the sewage problems, high quality Finolex pipes have been used in these villas. Each villa buyer will get personal certificates and warranty cards in their name for all the materials used in the villas.

Seeing all the features and quality construction of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is an experience in itself. Seeing this, one experiences the changing international test of Jaipur. Looking at it, it can be said that this 110 yard villa has the same facilities as a 1500 yard villa. Which is a unique example of designing, architecture and world class construction.


Ajmer Road is one of the hottest properties of Jaipur and is rich with famous commercial, residential and recreational areas. People are investing in Properties in Ajmer Road with the motive of either shifting to a better living area for growth and job opportunity or the purpose of investment. 

ICARUS DEV VIHAN VILLAS are the most exquisite properties in Jaipur where you can find 2700 Sq. Ft. Villas in Ajmer road Jaipur. With a complete range of amenities for the people of all age groups including 25000 Sq. Ft. Park, 24 Hours Secured Entry, Temple,  kids play areas, Moreover Hi Tech Features like Personal Swimming Pool, Personal Home Theater, Retractable Robotic Roof where you can enjoy world-class living with Icarus.

Here Are A Few Reasons To Invest In Properties Of Ajmer Road 

Proximity To Mahindra SEZ:

Jaipur’s Mahindra SEZ located on NH-8 is a hub of multinational companies and other national IT corporates. A lot of young professionals and families migrate to Jaipur and prefer to stay in the nearby areas that have led to the growth of real estate sector in Ajmer road Jaipur.

A Villa in Ajmer Road is the perfect choice for someone looking to stay close to SEZ to save commute time and rush-hour traffic. Located just 10 mins. Away from Mahindra SEZ is Icarus Dev Vihan Villas where you get all the amenities and comfort of a well-maintained residential apartment.

Hospitals And Schools Within Reach:

Ajmer road harbours major schools like Delhi Public School, St. Xavier’s, Jayshree Periwal and are few of the renowned schools of Jaipur. Opting to Buy an Apartment in Ajmer Road will not only give your kid a better platform to grow but will also keep them close, thus saving the distance between their home and school.

Along with schools, there are major healthcare centres and hospitals on Ajmer road such as, Asopa Hospital, Rawal hospital, Rajasthan Dental College & hospital and Shubh hospital that is within close reach and provide medical care round the clock.

Connectivity To The City:

Buses, cabs and other public & private transports connect Ajmer road to the town and provide hassle-free commutes for all the working professionals, residents and students. If you are looking forward to Buying a Flat in Ajmer road Jaipur then you can receive maximum returns on investment.

Frequent buses are ferrying from Ajmer to the toll plaza and to Jaipur which can provide secure transportation options for people looking forward to travelling from Ajmer road to city. There are well-laid roads that also connect Jaipur to Ajmer and Kishangarh without any delay.

Shop. Eat. Play. :

There’s a significant rise in recreational areas and famous restaurants on and around Ajmer road. Shopping malls, movie theatres and restaurants like elements mall, Inox, reliance fresh, RJ 14 etc. You will never have to worry about spending a day out with family as many resorts can be your weekend spot. Kanchan Kesri and Pink Pearl are situated right at Ajmer road and are the most chosen places of locals from Jaipur.

Properties on Ajmer Road fulfils all the requirements of a perfect neighbourhood. Since Ajmer road is an upcoming destination, the prices for properties are under the most economical zone. Buy flat for sale before the prices start to sky-rocket. Invest in the properties of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas that provides perfect Villas in Ajmer Road for a comfortable, affordable and luxurious living.

website or Project Webpage of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma (Buyer of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas) Dt. 17.09.2021

First of all, I would like to thank Icarus Builders for offering me such a wonderful deal. I was searching for a villa at some good location. I had budget issues and based on the experience of visiting several sites, I made up my mind that I cannot afford a luxury villa at some good location in Jaipur.


But then something happened that proved me wrong. It was a time when I got in touch with Icarus Builders. There I met Mr. Rohit Kumar (Project Manager - Icarus Builders) l and I swear he is a gem of a person. I have never met such a vibrant and gracious personality, to date. After understanding my requirements, Mr. Rohit suggested me to visit their newly launched project called Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. I visited Icarus Dev Vihan Villas and Mr. Rohit Explained the entire project to me, i Checked all the documents and concept of the Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. at first sight of it, I was blown away by surprise. Everything looked so perfect whether it is the build quality, architecture or the facilities offered by them in each of their villas. I had visited many sites, but I have not seen such a wonderfully designed villas and perfectly planned society as Icarus Dev Vihan Villas.


I was really glad to see such a beautiful society and hence wanted to share my experience with you. To start with I would like to recommend Icarus Dev Vihan Villas to all those who are looking for some classy and luxurious villas in Jaipur. Below are the reasons:


Garden and temple within premises:

Unlike other builders, Icarus Builders have not aimed at utilizing most of the available land for construction. They had rather dedicated a decent space to be utilized for a garden and a temple. The garden is adequately vast and spacious for children to play and to conduct any social gatherings.


Spacious, ventilated and well-designed villas :

One can’t imagine or expect such an exotic design to be seen in Villas at Jaipur. It has never happened before. On average, Icarus Dev Vihan Villas have 2600 sq. feet built up constructed area.


World-class facilities :

Icarus Builders are well aware of the taste of the current generation. This generation is well travelled and wants world-class facilities in their home as well.

These villas have:

 There are many other such amazing features that make it the most classy and stylish place to live in. to check you can visit their website or Project Webpage of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

Mr. Tyagi (Buyer of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas) Dt. 09.09.2021

While I was looking for a place to live in some good locations of Jaipur, I came across various builders and their projects. Now visiting a bunch of projects, it obvious to end up in confusion.

It is a wise decision to do proper research if you are planning to buy a residential property, as you put all your savings into it while buying a house. You should compare the properties based on the facilities and the price.


I also did the same. I used to think should I consider the cost or the quality? Should I go for a larger area or better facilities? My mind got bombarded with such questions as I could not get any such property that has it all. 


And, then I visited Icarus Dev Vihan Villas and I really don’t know why Icarus Dev Vihan Villas made a mark in my mind. But I didn’t want to make my decision just like that so I decided to compare all the options I have. I compared all the options I had, based on the following factors:


Position and location of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

The area of villas I was looking for was available in various projects, but their location was not reachable. Most of them were located in the outskirts of the city. In such locations, it is hard to find a good market, school or a hospital nearby. However, it is not the case with Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. This project is located on Ajmer road and is very well connected to the city. The location is very much suitable as it has a local shopping area, medical facilities and educational institutes with 1.5 - 2 km range. Also, the average distance to the airport, railway station and bus stand is around 14 - 18 km. So Icarus Dev Vihan Villas scored a plus.


The area (sq. feet) of the Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

Icarus Dev Vihan Villas offer 2681 sq. feet and 2718 sq. feet of built-up area in their east and west-facing villas respectively. This is much more than the other projects in this location. Icarus Builders offer 2-3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 drawing rooms, a water pool and a lot more.

And, therefore the area is larger than any other projects.


Best Villa Project in Jaipur : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

Apart from various other factors, I also decided to buy a project that is most recently built. And, again Icarus Dev Vihan Villas topped the list. This project is newly built and was launched recently in the month of Dec 2020. It has all the latest designs and modern architectural features. A retractable sunroof in each villa is the best example of the implementation of the latest architecture and technology.


The direction and other relevant aspects : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

Icarus Dev Vihan is again the winner. It has all the villas build on Vastu compliance. It offers both east and west-facing villas. It gave me the option to choose the one I want. I prefer east facing house so I went for east-facing villas.


The presence of car parking : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

It is very much important to have dedicated parking as having a common parking space causes a lot of stress. Not everyone in society has parking etiquettes, so it is much better for our own dedicated parking space. I found the one in Icarus Dev Vihan.


The common areas of the Villas : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

In various other projects, I found that common areas included playground and clubhouses. Whereas, in Icarus Dev Vihan, we also get a shopping area, a temple, a restaurant and a Yoga centre, in addition to a playground and clubhouse.


The luxuries inside the villas : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

One can’t think of the luxuries that one gets inside the Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. It surely redefines the lifestyle of a person. These villas are made to offer a stylish and classy lifestyle. The luxuries inside the villas include:


●      3 bedrooms

●      2 drawing rooms (1 formal and 1 informal)

●      3 bathrooms

●      A water pool

●      Family lounge

●      The retractable glass roof

●      Personal Garden in Villa  and so on


So, based on my experience and preferences, I found Icarus Dev Vihan Villas as the most suitable society to live in.


You can check their offers at