Now Villas in Jaipur on the lines of Foreign Countries

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Now the glimpse of luxury projects and features being built abroad is also visible in the projects of Jaipur. Major builders of Jaipur are building homes with state-of-the-art amenities along with top quality construction. Icarus Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. has also created one such unique villa project named Icarus Dev Vihan Villa. Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is a very unique project with ultra modern facilities. Only 30 villas have been built in this project with a huge area of ​​12000 square meters. Due to which there is a lot of open area in this project. The features found in this villa project are capable of competing with any international project.

Location - The location of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas has been chosen for the convenience of multiple access, it is located on Bhankrota Sirsi Link Road. Icarus Dev Vihan Villas can be reached from Bhankrota crossroads on Ajmer Road, on Sirsi Road from the road located near Royal Greens Apartments and from Vaishali Nagar via Gandhi Path West.

Single gated entry and 24 hours security - Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a huge entry gate of 150 feet, which makes one feel the enormity of the project. It has been installed which makes the entrance even more beautiful. Being a single gated society, it is completely safe.

Common Park - Icarus Dev Vihan Villas has a huge area of ​​25000 sq. ft. reserved for the park, which is much bigger as compared to 30 villas and offers a vastly open area. Temples, games for children, walkways etc. facilities are being developed inside the park.

Size of the Villa - Each villa at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has been constructed as per the design of overseas big bungalows in 110 yards, 2700 square feet in Lower Ground Floor, Upper Ground Floor, First Floor. Each villa is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as a personal swimming pool, personal garden, home theatre, robotic sliding roof, formal and informal drawing rooms. This villa has three bedrooms with attached toilet and balcony. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet as well as a common washroom.

Swimming Pool - Each villa of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a 16*9 swimming pool. Glass mosaic tiles have been used in this swimming pool and a waterfall has also been made. Every swimming pool is equipped with a self-cleaning plant of Atech company imported from America which is eco-friendly. Waterproofing has been done from material of Saint-Gobain (French company) with double RCC to avoid moisture.

Personal Home Theater - Each villa of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa has a personal home theater of 21'-3'*15'-3' feet. The carpet for home theater flooring is specially imported from Thailand. This home theater is completely soundproof, and can also be used as loud music, party hall. There is a comfortable recliner sofa for comfortable sitting. For the first time in India, Projector has been replaced with 75" LED interactive panel and the same has been provided in the home theater of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa, which can be used for children's studies, conferences, presentations, movies, OTT programs etc. could.

Robotic Retractable Sliding Roof - The Informal Drawing Room at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa comes with a double height open roof with a robotic retractable sliding roof. It is a robotic sliding roof that can be opened or closed with a flip of a button. The motor of this sliding roof has been imported from the Italian company Dietec.

Personal Garden - Each villa has a personal garden of 12'-3'* 7'-9' feet which is connected to the formal drawing room and swimming pool.

Construction Material - Every product at Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is fitted with top brands. Flooring includes large size AGL glazed vitrified flooring, RR cable for wiring, all electrical switches are Philips. All doors and frames are made of wood with PU Polished and exquisitely made, door locks have been installed by Yale Sweden and the main door is fitted with a modern fingerprint opening locking system. In each bedroom, the wooden flooring of Egger Company of Germany has been used, which makes every bedroom luxury and comfortable. The stairs and balcony railings are made of stainless steel railing with glass which makes the villa even more beautiful. The entire villa is covered with a false ceiling. LED Lights have been given which gives a better light and soothing look in the work consumption of electricity. Light and air have been taken care of throughout the villa and all the rooms have been provided with large windows and ventilation. Each washroom has fittings from Grohe Germany and Deuravit Germany along with oversized tiles on the wall giving the washroom a very premium look. For the convenience of the ladies, the high gloss fully modular kitchens in each villa have been built with hardware from Germany based company Moda which enhances the cooking experience in the kitchen. Keeping in mind the sewage problems, high quality Finolex pipes have been used in these villas. Each villa buyer will get personal certificates and warranty cards in their name for all the materials used in the villas.

Seeing all the features and quality construction of Icarus Dev Vihan Villa is an experience in itself. Seeing this, one experiences the changing international test of Jaipur. Looking at it, it can be said that this 110 yard villa has the same facilities as a 1500 yard villa. Which is a unique example of designing, architecture and world class construction.