Commercial Land for lease in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur


Welcome to the enchanting Pink City of Jaipur, where history meets modernity, and commerce thrives! In the midst of this lively city, Icarus Builders, your friendly neighborhood real estate maestros, are offering a fantastic commercial Land for lease a spacious 450 Sq. yds. property In Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. What makes it so special? Well, buckle up as we dive into the details of this gem, featuring 50 car parking spaces, a cool corner plot, and an impressive 72ft frontage. Let's explore why this could be the dream space for your business!


Icarus Builders: Your Trusted Real Estate Companion

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of this fantastic property, let's give a shout-out to Icarus Builders. These folks have a knack for creating spaces that not only make sense but also make you feel right at home. With a solid reputation for quality projects and a commitment to keeping customers happy, they're your go-to guys for all things real estate in Jaipur.

1. The 450 Sq. Yds. Commercial Land for Lease:

Let's Get Cozy Now, onto the star of the show – Icarus Builders' commercial Land For lease! This cozy spot spans a generous 450 sq. yds, offering plenty of room for your business to spread its wings. But what really makes it stand out are the quirky features tailor-made for businesses like yours.

2. 50 Car Parks – Because Who Likes Parking Hassles?

Let's face it, finding a parking spot can be a headache, especially in a bustling city like Jaipur. But fear not! This Icarus Builders property comes with a whopping 50 car parking spaces. That's right, no more circling the block for your clients or staff – everyone gets their own little parking haven!

3. Corner Plot Magic – Where Visibility Meets Fresh Air:

Tucked away in a cool corner plot, this space not only gives your business the spotlight it deserves but also invites in a breath of fresh air. Corner plots are like the VIP section of the real estate world – more visibility, more accessibility, and a touch of that unique charm you won't find elsewhere.

4. 72ft Frontage – Because First Impressions Matter:

Picture this – a grand 72ft frontage that not only turns heads but also gives you the canvas to paint your storefront dreams. A wide frontage means more room for creativity, more space for that eye-catching display, and a welcoming vibe that says, "Hey, we're open for business!"



In a nutshell, Icarus Builders' commercial land available for lease for this 450 sq. yds treasure in Jaipur is like finding the perfect coffee shop – cozy, inviting, and just the right vibe. With 50 car parks, a corner plot, and a 72ft frontage, this space is all set to make your business dreams come true in the heart of Jaipur. Ready to make your mark? Reach out to Icarus Builders today and let the journey to your dream workspace begin!

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