Starts from 3.5 Cr.             

Introducing Icarus Bungalows: Your Personalized Luxury Haven in Jaipur

Discover the epitome of luxury living with "Icarus Bungalows," where your dream home takes shape just as you imagine it. At Icarus Builders, we're thrilled to introduce the very first Tailor-Made Bungalows in Jaipur, exclusively designed to match your individual preferences and aspirations. 

Prime Location, Prestigious Living

Nestled at the heart of Jaipur, our "Icarus Bungalows" redefine regal living in Mahaveer Nagar, near Jain Temple, Gopalpura.

Craft Your Own Haven

Let your imagination flow freely as we turn your dreams into reality. With your personal designer by your side, our experts will meticulously create your vision. Choose, modify, and create – your desires shape the design. It's time to live the life you've envisioned.

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Tailor Made Bungalow Starting from 3.5 Cr Onwards***

T-1 Vistar, K Block, Mahaveer Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How to Choose The Best Villa Project of Jaipur?

Answer : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas is the only project of Jaipur Which offers 25000 Sq. Ft. Park on Only 30 Pristine Villas, Other Project Features Like Temple, Club House, 24 Hours Security, Single Gated Entry, East & West Vastu Friendly Villas, Well Planned Sewage System, And Premium Villa Features Like Personal Swimming Pool in Each Villa, With Personal Home Theater, Retractable Robotic Roof, Separate Formal & Informal Drawing Room, Big Size Kitchen, Luxury Brand Accessories Makes it The Best Choice and Best Villa Project of Jaipur.  

Question : Which is Better, Villa or Flat?

Answer : When you purchase a flat you get actual area which is 35 - 40 % less than the sold area, because of common area, thus the cost you pay you get 35 - 40% less ownership, whereas in Villa you get ownership of independent plot along with the built up area, thus you save a lot of money, Moreover in Villa you always have scope of extra construction in future, with features like Icarus Dev Vihan Villas, Where you get lot in the price of a flat, definitely Icarus Dev Vihan Villas are better choice then Any Flat.

Question : In Icarus Dev Vihan Villas I Get 2700 Sq. Ft. Super Built Up Area or Built Up Area?

Answer : In Icarus Dev Vihan Villas, There are no Super Built Up calculations, therefor you get 2700 Sq. Ft. Area constructed on 110 Sq. Yds. of Land, Plus you may raise extra floor in future.

Question : What is the approach to Icarus Dev Vihan Villas?

Answer : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas are located in Vaishali Nagar Extension, Gandhi Path West, Ajmer Road Jaipur. You can reach here from 1. Vaishali Nagar - Via Gandhi Path West 2. Ajmer Road - Via Bhankrota Sirsi Link Road 3 Sirsi Road - VIa Sirsi Bhankrota Link Road

Question : Does the Swimming Pool of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas has Cleaning Plant?

Answer : Yes, The Efficient and Advanced Cleaning system is installed in each Icarus Dev Vihan Villas to ensure longevity of water in Swimming Pool.

Question : Should I construct my own villa or purchase Villa in Icarus Dev Vihan Villas?

Answer : When you construct your villa on your own you need to take care of many things which are difficult to accomplish and easy to forget and missed such as - Land and Location Search, Land Title And Chain Documents Verification, Land Registration And Documentation, Requirement of Self Finance, Bank Loan, Consultants Required, Layout Architect, Interior & Elevation Architect , Structure Engineer, Electrical Consultant, Site Engineer & Supervisor, HVAC Consultant, Plumbing Consultants, Approval of Construction Maps, Obtaining of JDA Lease Deed, Procurement of Material - Quality, Rate, Availability, Cement, Stone, Bricks, Steel, Sand, Wood, Paint, Plyboard, Wire, Switches, UPVC, PVC, Conduit Pipe, Motors, Glass, SS, POP and Thousands of Other Products, Site Supervision of Quality and Drawing Errors, Site Security - Material, Common Facilities , Cost Control And Management, Family Security, Maintenance, Thus it is always advisable to purchase form a professional Company Like Icarus Builders And Developers Pvt. Ltd. Rather then trying to construct on your own.

Question : There are villas available in 80 Lacs, why Should I Purchase Icarus Dev Vihan Villas? 

Answer : There are few projects which are offering in 80 lacs but they are having less area of land and construction, also the park and other facilities are smaller than Icarus Dev Vihan Villas, if you calculate per sq ft cost you will find the price of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas very competitive.

Question : What would be the maintenance for Icarus Dev Vihan Villas?

Answer : Icarus Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. has a separate entity, that works for the entire premises for maintenance, They would charge one time maintenance corpus fee around 50,000/-, which shall be deposited in the corpus, which shall be utilised for incidental high expenses, and also there will be actual charges for water, stp, road lights, common area cleaning and maintenance, park maintenance, which shall be divided in the total number of villas and charged on actual basis, for club and hotel there will be one time joining fee and no monthly maintenance since it would be run as hotel and shall be commercially self-sustaining unit. Monthly maintenance shall be around 2 rs. per sq ft. to be revised as per the actual expenses.


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