7 reasons why I chose Icarus Dev Vihan Villas...

Mr. Tyagi (Buyer of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas) Dt. 05.09.2022

While I was looking for a place to live in some good locations of Jaipur, I came across various builders and their projects. Now visiting a bunch of projects, it obvious to end up in confusion.

It is a wise decision to do proper research if you are planning to buy a residential property, as you put all your savings into it while buying a house. You should compare the properties based on the facilities and the price.


I also did the same. I used to think should I consider the cost or the quality? Should I go for a larger area or better facilities? My mind got bombarded with such questions as I could not get any such property that has it all. 


And, then I visited Icarus Dev Vihan Villas and I really don’t know why Icarus Dev Vihan Villas made a mark in my mind. But I didn’t want to make my decision just like that so I decided to compare all the options I have. I compared all the options I had, based on the following factors:


Position and location of Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

The area of villas I was looking for was available in various projects, but their location was not reachable. Most of them were located in the outskirts of the city. In such locations, it is hard to find a good market, school or a hospital nearby. However, it is not the case with Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. This project is located on Ajmer road and is very well connected to the city. The location is very much suitable as it has a local shopping area, medical facilities and educational institutes with 1.5 - 2 km range. Also, the average distance to the airport, railway station and bus stand is around 14 - 18 km. So Icarus Dev Vihan Villas scored a plus.


The area (sq. feet) of the Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

Icarus Dev Vihan Villas offer 2681 sq. feet and 2718 sq. feet of built-up area in their east and west-facing villas respectively. This is much more than the other projects in this location. Icarus Builders offer 2-3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 drawing rooms, a water pool and a lot more.

And, therefore the area is larger than any other projects.


Best Villa Project in Jaipur : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

Apart from various other factors, I also decided to buy a project that is most recently built. And, again Icarus Dev Vihan Villas topped the list. This project is newly built and was launched recently in the month of Dec 2020. It has all the latest designs and modern architectural features. A retractable sunroof in each villa is the best example of the implementation of the latest architecture and technology.


The direction and other relevant aspects : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

Icarus Dev Vihan is again the winner. It has all the villas build on Vastu compliance. It offers both east and west-facing villas. It gave me the option to choose the one I want. I prefer east facing house so I went for east-facing villas.


The presence of car parking : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas 

It is very much important to have dedicated parking as having a common parking space causes a lot of stress. Not everyone in society has parking etiquettes, so it is much better for our own dedicated parking space. I found the one in Icarus Dev Vihan.


The common areas of the Villas : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

In various other projects, I found that common areas included playground and clubhouses. Whereas, in Icarus Dev Vihan, we also get a shopping area, a temple, a restaurant and a Yoga centre, in addition to a playground and clubhouse.


The luxuries inside the villas : Icarus Dev Vihan Villas

One can’t think of the luxuries that one gets inside the Icarus Dev Vihan Villas. It surely redefines the lifestyle of a person. These villas are made to offer a stylish and classy lifestyle. The luxuries inside the villas include:


●      3 bedrooms

●      2 drawing rooms (1 formal and 1 informal)

●      3 bathrooms

●      A water pool

●      Family lounge

●      The retractable glass roof

●      Personal Garden in Villa  and so on


So, based on my experience and preferences, I found Icarus Dev Vihan Villas as the most suitable society to live in.


You can check their offers at https://www.icarusbuilders.in/devvihan